Business Services

Small Business Accounting Services:

We understand the tax challenges all small businesses face today. In order to be successful every business owner needs the ability to access accurate and timely financial accounting information. With our guidance you will have all the information you need to make the right decisions for the short and long-term success of your business.

We will take the time to get to know your business so we can ensure you reach this success. We provide a range of small business accounting and bookkeping services that can be personalized to meet your specific needs.

Our small business accounting services include:
– Accounting and bookkeeping
– Tax planning
– Financial statement preparation
– Quickbooks support
– Compilations and reviews
– Payroll
– New business advising
– IRS problem resolution
– Budgeting
– Business plan development
– Estate and trust planning
– Retirement planning

Quickbooks Accounting Services:

We offer a range of Quickbooks consuting, set-up, training, and ongoing support to meet your business’ needs. We have the experience to help you maintain your Quickbooks throughout the year. With our help you can be sure your books are organized and accurate so year end tax return preparation goes quicky and efficiently. With a well-organized Quickbooks file you will have the financial data needed to make confident management and planning decisions for your business.

Small business Quickbooks accounting services include:
– Year round tax planning
– Income tax preparation
– Help choosing the right version of Quickbooks
– Set-up and installation of Quickbooks
– Quickbooks training
– Ongoing Quickbooks support
– Quickbooks file clean up

IRS Problem Resoution:

Our Outer Banks CPA firm can help with IRS tax problem resolution for businesses and individuals. If you have received an IRS notice please call us today! We understand tax laws, tax rules and are experts at representing taxpayers before the IRS. We can also help with state and local tax matters. We are committed to heping you find a fair solution to your tax issues. We will work with you to file back taxes, end wage garnishment, avoid property seizure, stop levies and liens, and ultimately resolve your IRS problems. When you work with us we will analyze your situation and outine your options to solve your IRS problems.

We can help by:
– Filing back taxes for Non-filers (business and individual)
– IRS tax liens and levies
– Wage garnishment
– IRS audit assistance
– Offers in Compromise
– Tax settlement options

New Business Advisor Services:

We can assist you with business start-up and entity selection services. We have the experience to help advise and guide you in choosing the best business entity to meet your short and long term goals. Many businesses are formed without the owner ever really considering the implication of each entity type. Selecting the wrong type of business structure can result in unnecessary taxes, increased liability, and other consequences.

We consider all the factors including asset protection, your personal liability, state and local laws, future growth and how to minimize your taxes. With our guidance and support you will be able to choose the best legal form of business organization so you can minimize your future tax obligations and grow your new business.

Our New Business Services Include:
– Entity selection
– Federal and state tax ID applicatons
– Tax planning advice
– Quickbooks set up and installation
– Payroll services