Welcome to your hometown Outer Banks CPA firm:

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Welcome to your hometown Outer Banks CPA firm:

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At Robert W. Verbanik CPA, P.C., we offer accounting, tax, and consulting services to our clients throughout the Outer Banks Area. We aim to be your hometown tax and accounting office and to thoroughly understand your business and personal needs. Our goal is to help our clients understand complex accounting issues, maximize cash flow, and minimize tax liabilities. Don’t pay more than you should to the Internal Revenue Service. Rob Verbanik, understands the procedures required to get the deductions and credits you deserve for maximum refunds. Our services include, but are not limited to auditing, financial statement preparation, tax filing, payroll, and bookkeeping.

We recognize the need to have properly prepared books and records for the efficient operation of your business, which are necessary for accurately reporting your Federal and State income taxes. We are trained, certified tax practitioners with years of experience and knowledge in preparing tax returns in the shortest time possible while ensuring the highest quality product. Your accounting and tax services do not end with tax season! Our professional services continue year round.

With our advice and guidance you will feel confident in making informed financial decisions to ensure long-term business and financial success. If you have further questions, please call our office at (252) 473-3270.

Top 10 Reasons Why You May Need Services From a CPA:

1. Taxes in the aggregate have the potential to be one of your largest outlays. A CPA is the best way to avoid an IRS audit.
2. Management, bankers, and/or investors want financial statements prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principals.
3. Bankers, investors or an oversight agency wants you to have your financial statements audited.
4. You need a business plan / forecast prepared professionally in a format acceptable to the financial community using “real world” assumptions.
5. A relative may die leaving a substantial estate and you need a Federal Estate Tax Return prepared by a qualified accountant.
6. You manage a business and want to remain aware of outside business accounting practices and efficiencies.
7. You would like to know the best type of legal entity for your new business and other start-up pointers.
8. You would like a quantitative analysis of your retirement options from a CPA.
9. You would like an objective accountant’s assessment about a financial product that is not influenced by a commission.
10. You would like to install better and cost efficient internal accounting controls at your business.

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